Frequently Asked Questions

How do parallel import products differ from branded medicines?

They don’t. Parallel imported products are branded medicines imported from other countries within the European Union. These products are manufactured by the same manufacturers as the Irish products. Due to differing European pricing policies, these branded medicines are available at lower prices than they are in Ireland. PCO imports these branded medicines from reputable sources across the European Union, and supplies them to Irish pharmacies and hospitals at discount prices.

How do we know the products are from reliable sources?

PCO only imports products from the most established and reputable pharmaceutical wholesale sources within the European Union. Prior to importation, PCO must first attain a Parallel Import license for each product to ensure the medicines are bioequivalent to Irish products. Further, once we have received products at our manufacturing plant, they are subject to a rigorous quality control system consistent with the highest international standards. The PCO Manufacturing quality control process is regulated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.

How can I order from PCO?

We accept orders via phone, fax, email, modem and online via our web ordering system. Next day delivery for all orders made before 5.15pm. Same day delivery for Dublin orders made before 10.30am. Cold Store product delivery time may vary.